"Circuits in different regions of the brain mature at different times. As a result, different circuits are most sensitive to life's experiences at different ages. Give your children the stimulation they need when they need it, and anything's possible. Stumble and all bets are off." --
Newsweek Magazine

In the late 1990s, research increasingly showed that traditional early childhood education was failing students around the world - not in its ability to deliver crucial instruction to children, but in its ability to deliver critical learning to those children when they needed it most. This emerging research indicated that by the time children started kindergarten and preschool, many of the most formative years of their brain development had already passed.

FasTracKids International, Ltd. was started in 1998 to respond to this problem by delivering quality enrichment education to children ages three to seven. FasTracKids® also helps to tap the individual gifts and talents of children at an early age.

This instruction is then delivered via the FasTrack Learning Station®, a unique combination of computer technology, LCD projection and an interactive white board. In addition to making learning more fun and interactive for the children, this technology also frees trained FasTracKids® instructors to concentrate further on the development needs of each child. The technology behind the FasTrack Learning Station® is also used in such world-leading academic and science centers as Oxford University, MIT, Harvard University, and NASA.

Today, thousands of children participate in FasTracKids® instruction each year in more than 40 countries, and the company has been honored by a leading business publication as one of the top-10 fastest growing franchises, and the "Best of the Best" in the children's enrichment education category

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